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Bacco in Jazz




12 September 2011 Written by Bartholomew Christoph
Oh serendipity.. the most marvelous means to discovery!








Saturday night in Bibbona was quite the experience and sparked this “cultural hub” I have decided to call Tuscan Treasures. Bringing Tuscany and it’s Riviera closer than ever!


The Tuscan Riviera is always a happening seen but Bacco in Jazz definitely puts Bibbona on the map. It all started with an invitation from Maurizio Poggetti, whom I met through a serious of fortuitous circumstances while organizing Tesori Toscani. Maurizio, humble and with a mission, is a leading member of the “Il Club de Toscanacci”, a local club based out of Cecina with the simple objective of promoting fine Tuscan food through innovative channels. The club has had considerable success putting on quality events while maintaining its emancipation from local and regional politics, making it an unostentatious and creditable point of reference for connoisseurs of Tuscan cuisine.

Like all good things Maurizio is not alone and has surrounded the club with highly competent organizers such as Serena Tracchi the muse of Bacco in Jazz. Her ideas are like a breath of fresh air with the courage of an Emily Dickinson poem challenging those stoic pillars of presentation “et id genus omne” giving us back the renaissance like rain after a drought and I must say she quinched the public's thirst.

Maurizio Zanoli and the Luca Donini Quartet set the stage at about 9.00 p.m. to lead us on an Epicurean journey of sight, sound and taste. While sitting at our table near the Lavatoi Romani We witnessed a sensorial stereotomy between the quartet’s harmony, Zanolli’s conversant paintings and wine accompanied with food worthy of the gods.

Maurizio’s brush hypnotized us like the red spot on Jupiter, swirling into faces of Bacco and animals of lore, with colors of terroir, all dancing to Donini’s Saxophone in the spirit of that Democritus from Abdera for which we are to be reminded that “life without festivity is like a long road without an inn.”

The melody, with a timing jovial to the Huygens tempor, somehow discovered the colors on the canvass, to exhalt elegance in chaos, successfully pasquinating Platonic perfection. I was astounded, as that Empedocles must have been, when discovering air through the clepsydra.

As the wine touched my lips a sensation of comfort came upon me, something resonated through and around the roman marble to assure me that "Nulla in mundo pax sincera" had found it's contrast.

I assuredly will not miss Bacco in Jazz 2012.


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